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Advancing in Bhakti: The Importance of Seva, Kirtana, and Reading Scriptures, Understanding Who Our Worshipful Lord Is


January 18, 2000
Srila Gurudeva 85%


"- You must study and remember all the slokas of Srimad Bhagavatam...;

  • Serve and remember the lilas in Radha-kunda, Syama-kunda, Giriraja Govardana...;

  • About the meaning of the song: Yasomati Nandana...;

  • About the meaning of song: Vibhavari Sesa...;

  • Singing and remembering you will never fall down, never, never!

  • If you want to develop your Krsna consciousness, you have to read the books of Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Narottama Thakura, Rupa Gosvami and others, ...;

  • Some song of Bhaktivinoda Thakura...;

  • The gopis are power, without power what can Krsna do?... must take shelter in Srimati Radhika...;

  • After 28:17 minutes:

  • Worship Krsna, but not Krsna in general, worship Krsna Nandanandana, Yasodanandana ... most special, the Beloved of gopis... Srimati Radhika's Beloved is the supreme goal, and this prema is prayojana... I'm giving some lines... there are those who are lucky to come here, but there are those who already come with some impressions of other lives... but anyway, now we have new impressions...;

  • About the story of Krsna's children playing in Dvaraka, they felt thirsty and went to a well and there saw a chameleon ... so, they call to Krsna... The chameleon leaves the chameleon's body, takes on a divine form, parikrama around Krsna and tells how he was cursed by an rsi when he was a king ...;

  • Karma-misra-bhakti, aropa-siddha-bhakti, sanga-siddha-bhakti... You may be like Ajamila, like Jagai and Madhai, but if you chant the Holy Names you will purify yourself ..."

"- ... nirguna, rajasik, tamasik, sattvik... if you sing mahamantra but envy others... and pray for material things... don't be like that... be sattvik or nirguna... mostly satvik, singing and developing bhakti and don't get attached to anything...;

  • Nirguna like Parksit Maharaja and Prahlada Maharaja...;

  • More then nirguna is premi-bhakta like Hanuman... serves Rama with reverence...;

  • And more superior is prema-para-bhakta like Pandavas... they serves and relate to Krsna as brothers...;

  • About Bima's fight with Dursasana...

  • Dvaraka Queens are so qualified but not to go to Vrndavana...;

  • About Uddhava and his trip to Vrndavana ... try to passify the pain of separation from Nanda and Yasoda and the gopis ...;

  • The gopis, especially Radha are top most prema ...;

  • There are those who love no one; there are those who love only when they are loved; there are those who love even if they are not loved...;

  • Krsna says to gopis that He is not atmarama and atmakama because He always wish to being with gopis... and He says His soul is Srimati Radhika... He says He is not akrtagy (ungrateful), and He is not gurudrohi... etc;

  • About Krsna's conversation with Radha and gopis in Kuruksetra... Krsna says: Oh! my dear sakhis...;

  • If you see or listen, greed will come... Try to realise these siddhantas and your life will be successful..."