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Raya Ramananda Samvada (17): Krsna Tattva and Radha Tattva, CC Madhya 8.149-169

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This audio is included in the following series of lectures:


  • Sriman Mahaprabhu & Raya Ramananda samvada; discussion about the appearance of Krsna.
  • Who is Krsna & what is krsna-tattva.
  • What is radha-tattva.
  • What is parasakti of Krsna.
  • What are Vaibhava, Kayavyuha, Prakasa & vikritta-chaya of Radha.
  • How Radha expands herself as cit, maya & sakti.
  • What is cit-sakti & where it functions (manifestations) & why is it called antaranga.
  • What is maya-sakti & where it functions (manifestations) & why is it called bahiranga.
  • What is Jiva sakti; its manifestations & why is it called tatastha.
  • What is para sakti, apara sakti.
  • If Krsna is one then how he is ‘sat, cit, ananda’.
  • Vritti (nature) of cit sakti- samvita or jnana (Knowledge)
  • What is Samvid & hladini sakti.
  • Stages of bhakti.
  • What is prema.
  • Discussion about Kalpavriksa in the material world.
  • Radhika & Candravali are superior among all the gopis.
  • All Jivas lack some or other thing; no one in this world is completely satisfied.
  • Jiva is a part of Bhagavan, so, it can never be complete in itself.
  • Jiva should be eager to serve Krsna.
  • Mood of servant Gopala how he served Saligrama.
  • How Radha-Ramana was manifested for his devotee Gopala.
  • Radha is not an ordinary female.
  • Radha is superior among all the gopis.
  • Only Radha can captivate Krsna.
  • Visnu’s name, Rama’s Name, Krsna’s name and their superiority.
  • Krsna nama is Taraka & Paraka (to free from material bondage & also give prema).
  • Krsna nama is even superior when taken along with Radha's name.
  • Radha is not made of 5 elements but mahabhava.
  • Sadhaka should pray for Radha's caran-cinha.
  • Complexion of Radha.
  • Discussion about Ubhtana (Face pack) of Krsna's love for Radhika.
  • Karunyamrta snana & definition of karuna.
  • Types of bathing of Radha.
  • As kali-yuga is advancing, the mentality of people is changing.
  • What is Lavanyam dhara snana.