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Raya Ramananda Samvada (21): Glories of the Vraja-gopis and Srimati Radharani, CC Madhya 8.195-204

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  • Summary of 2 types of bhakti - vaidhi and raganuga.
  • Explanation of 2 types of sradhha.
  • If there is no interest in listening then kirtana can't be done.
  • Prema is necessary in seva.
  • It is very important to understand the levels in bhakti.
  • Prema of Radha for Krsna is the topmost.
  • Govinda, Gopinatha, Madana Mohana are not our sadhya; the prema towards seva to them is our sadhya.
  • Explanation of 4 types of tattva: Radha, Krsna, Vilasa, Prema. If Radharani's bhava is not in the heart then we can't understand the teachings of Sriman Mahaprabhu.
  • Sriman Mahaprabhu came to understand madhurya-rasa.
  • There is no writer of the scriptures; those are eternal.
  • In Uddhava-kayari, Uddhava prays for being a part of Vraja.
  • Levels of bhakti from dasya to Radharani.
  • Discussion about CC 2.8.195 – 204.
  • Only Srimati Radhika has bhava of meeting in separation and separation in the meeting.
  • There are two types of gopis i.e. sambandhanuga and kamanuga.
  • Tapasya by Rsis for around 60000 years to get the body of gopi and they get gopi-bhava by the mercy of nitya-siddha gopi and Purnamasi-devi.
  • We should understand the nature of gopis to get the bhakti.
  • Sakhis bear pain to give happiness to Krsna.
  • One can understand up to his level of understanding.
  • Lila's like Govardhana-lila is not possible without gopis.
  • Meaning of sva-prakasa.
  • By listening to lilas, conditioned soul gets lots of enjoyment, So think about the enjoyment of the liberated soul.