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Raya Ramananda Samvada (28): Explanation of Various Commentaries on SB 1.1.1 ‘janmady asya yato’ , CC Madhya 8.263-264

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  • Raya Ramanada submits at the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu that through him, He has given various tattva (Radha, Krsna, Prema, Vilasa etc)
  • Mahaprabhu is Ratanakara.
  • All these tattvas cannot be understood by our own effort, these tattvas can be understood only by mercy of Krsna/Gurudeva. We can put in our efforts but the bhava will evolve only by mercy. Lord Brahma also accepts this fact.
  • To achieve prema bhakti it may take us millions of births, but we should not give up and keep our efforts always live.
  • Gurudeva explains the meaning of Brahma Gayatri.
  • Explanation of SB 1.1.1 "janmady asya yato”
  • First discussed commentary by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
  • Lord Krsna is Absolute Truth. What is maya? That which is not transcendental.
  • Lord Krsna’s parasakti prakasa (manifest) as Samvita, Sandhini and Hladini (Sat,Cit and Ananda).
  • Lords three saktis- Cit, Tatastha and Maya. Gurudeva further explains these saktis.
  • Jivas are always eternal however due to association with maya they have forgotten their actual relationship with the Lord.
  • When a jiva comes in the association of Guru (Realized soul) his self-realization as a part and parcel of Supreme Soul evolves and his spiritual journey commences.
  • Examples to illustrate state of a conditioned soul - spark is always there in a piece of stone. Water in ice form is like conditioned soul hard and frozen and water as liquid is like realized soul.
  • Once wet clay can be molded to any shape, similarly Guru shapes his disciple.
  • Sri Krsna is para brahma.
  • Sri Krsna and Srimati Radhika are Avigya.
  • Sri Krsna is doing everything for Srimati Radhika.
  • No other incarnation can perform pastimes like Sri Krsna.
  • Story of Sukadeva Gosvami.
  • Sri Krsna’s bhakti will not come by jnana, karma.
  • First, we have to find a bona fide Guru and a true disciplic session, pure guru parampara.
  • First, bhakti has come to Sri Bramha then to Narada then to Vyasa then to entire guru parampara.
  • There are 3 types of Bhakti: Sadhana, Bhava, Prema