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Raya Ramananda Samvada (31): Description of Rasaraja Mahabhava Svarupa, CC Madhya 8.266-290

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  • Srila Gurudeva began by explaining that our devotion begins with faith and progresses to the removal of anarthas (unwanted desires). This is sadhana bhakti.
  • After sadhana bhakti, the next stage is bhava bhakti, which is rare. Following that comes prema bhakti, which is extremely rare. Madhurya-bhava (conjugal mood) is the rarest of all moods.
  • Mahaprabhu revealed his rasaraja mahabhava svarupa. It was the combined form of the personification and king of the amorous mellow (Sringara-rasaraja), Krsna, together with the personification of mahabhava, Srimati Radhika.
  • Sri Ramananda Raya did not fall unconscious upon seeing the sannyasi form of Mahaprabhu or upon seeing His form as Sri Vrajendranandana playing upon the flute. But he did fall into a swoon when he saw the combined form of rasaraja Sri Krsna and mahabhava Sri Radha.
  • Mahaprabhu told that My complexion is not gaura (golden); actually, Radhika has covered Me (Krsna) with all Her limbs and thus covered My blue complexion with a golden complexion.
  • Srimati Radhika always wanted to see and touch the limbs of Krsna all together, but she could never do that in Krsna's pastime. Srila Gurudeva explained this with the difference in darsana between Radhika and Candravali.
  • Candravali, after seeing Krsna, easily sees Krsna’s body parts, from his nails to his head, and becomes satisfied by appreciating her good fortune. When Radhika tries to see the limbs of Krsna, if She starts looking from the face, then the vision sticks there like glue. If She starts looking at the feet, then Her vision gets stuck there. So, She is not able to see or touch Krsna as a whole.
  • In Mahaprabhu’s incarnation, Radhika’s wish got fulfilled as She covered each limb of Krsna with Her own limbs.
  • Mahaprabhu said, “O Ramananda Raya, please keep My actual identity, the axiomatic truths, and what I have shown you secret. Do not reveal them to anyone. People may laugh, since I always act like a madman. Actually, I am a madman, and you are also. Therefore, both of us are on the same platform.”
  • At the end, Srila Gurudeva says don't disclose these topics to ineligible.
  • Only those who has gained control over his senses, who are guru's servant, and those who listen to this conversation humbly and with faith without arguing, are entitled to hear the conversation between Mahaprabhu and Raya Ramananda.