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Raya Ramananda Samvada (27): Krsna Bhakti & Sadhu Sanga, CC Madhya 8.251-259

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This audio is included in the following series of lectures:


  • Jiva's biggest achievement is to attain krsna-prema and become His devotee.
  • What is the greatest fortune?
  • How the Lord reciprocates with us.
  • Bhagavat-bhakti is superior to all kinds of religious practices.
  • No guru in our sampradaya has ever claimed himself as Bhagavan, but as His dasa (servant).
  • If one gets a bona fide guru, life is successful. Finding Bhagavan is difficult but finding a Bhagavata is even rarer.
  • We should not consider Krsna’s name, pastimes, qualities as material.
  • To understand Vrndavana-dhama, we need to associate with Vaisnavas, else we will consider trees, stone, etc. of the dhama as ordinary.
  • Gopis are Vrndavana; We should worship the dust of the lotus feet of the gopis to realize the greatness of Vrndavana and pray to be grass, creeper in Vrndavana in our next birth.
  • Glories of sadhu-sanga.
  • How Sriman Mahaprabhu always absorbed in Vrndavana-lilas.
  • How harikatha can conquer lust, greed, anger, etc.
  • Worshipping Krsna will satisfy all demigods.
  • How sravanam is prime among nine limbs of bhakti.
  • Meaning of Mahamantra.