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Raya Ramananda Samvada (2): Varnasrama Dharma, CC Madhya 8.50-59

Mathura (?)
Srila Gurudeva 100%

This audio is included in the following series of lectures:


  • Glories of Sadhu sanga.
  • The most unfortunate person does not have the chance to be in sadhu-sanga (even if he reaches bhava - he will fall down).
  • Performing bhajana will make a person humble.
  • Who is more humble, Sriman Mahaprabhu or Sri Raya Ramananda.
  • There are two types of humility.
  • How the vedic-brahmanas got prema.
  • Explanation of sloka CC 2.8.50.
  • Glories of Sri Raya Ramananda.
  • Association is required to overcome desires.
  • Explanation of sloka CC 2.8.51 -52.
  • Explanation of sloka CC 2.8.56.
  • Explanation of sloka CC 2.8.57; what is the goal and what is the process.
  • What is the topmost sadhana, goal; what is jiva, body or soul.
  • Anyone who is doing bhakti but will not obtain his goal without following scriptures.
  • Explanation of sloka CC 2.8.58; duties of all types of varnas and asramas.
  • Explanation of sloka CC 2.8.59.
  • What is varna-asrama; should include worshipping Visnu. (eg. Karna, King Hariscandra)