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Raya Ramananda Samvada (29): Darsana of Mahaprabhu as Rasaraja Mahabhava & Symptoms of Mahabhagavata, CC Madhya 8.266-280

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  • Note: The lecture starts abruptly.
  • Srila Gurudeva is explaining from Sri Raya Ramananda Samvada, Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya verses 8.266-280.
  • Mahaprabhu manifested the truths about Krsna, Radha, prema, rasa, and varieties of pastimes within the heart of Raya Ramananda.
  • Sri Ramananda Raya is witnessing both the sannyasi-svarupa of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and also his rasaraja-mahabhava-svarupa.
  • Mahaprabhu is trying to keep His true self concealed. He said to Sri Ramananda Raya, “You possess an exceedingly deep love for Krsna, and it is the nature of a maha-bhagavata who has such deep ecstatic love for the Lord to not see everything simply as movable or inert; rather, he sees Krsna manifest everywhere.
  • A mahabhagvata sees his beloved Lord within all living entities and sees that same prema that he has for his worshipful deity present within all living entities. They are free from material desires and transcendentally situated.
  • Srila Gurudeva quoted an example of the Dvaraka queens and how they imposed their mood of separation upon the female birds.
  • Mahabhagvatas see the soul, not the bodies. Explained this with the example of Brahma meeting Indra (the hog), explaining Indra’s real identity, and telling him that this world is not a happy place.
  • Gopis, being the topmost mahabhagvatas, exhibits the symptom of mahabhava, superimposing their own moods upon others.
  • On seeing the trees and creepers of the forest, the gopis think, “these trees and creepers of the forest are supremely attached to Sri Krsna, as we are. Just as the tears flow effortlessly from our eyes when we see Sri Krsna, so these trees and creepers are weeping streams of sweet honey.”
  • Sriman Mahaprabhu told Raya Ramananda that you have great prema for Sri Radha Krsna within your heart, and therefore, you see them manifested everywhere.