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Raya Ramananda Samvada (30): Reason of Mahaprabhu’s Advent & Mahaprabhu Reveals His Rasaraja Mahabhava Form, CC Madhya 8.276-290

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  • Mahaprabhu told Sri Raya Ramananda that you have great prema for Sri Radha Krsna within your heart, and therefore, you see them manifested everywhere.
  • Hearing the words of Mahaprabhu, Sri Ramananda Raya replied, “My dear Lord, You have come here to deliver me. Why, then, are you still acting cunningly? Please give up all this kapatata (duplicity or cleverness). Do not conceal your real form from me.
  • Srila Gurudeva then explained the external and internal reasons for the appearance of Mahaprabhu in Kaliyuga.
  • Mahaprabhu foresaw the future situation of mankind in Kaliyuga. All forms of religion will be lost. In this age, children will not respect their parents, and disciples will not respect their spiritual master. Morality will be eradicated from everyone's lives. As Kaliyuga becomes powerful, mothers will devour their own offspring, and males will all become corrupt; in other words, everyone's nature will change.
  • Mahaprabhu preached the Lord's name in a very simple way and told us to chant harinama in whatever situation we are in.
  • Mahaprabhu gave prema-dharma (loving devotional service of the Lord), which is the constitution of jivas, along with yuga-dharma, i.e., harinama sankirtana.
  • As Mahaprabhu manifested himself in this Kaliyuga, Kalki Avatara will not be necessary. With the grace of Mahaprabhu, all societal evils shall vanish.
  • The inner reason for the appearance of Mahaprabhu is that Sri Krsna could not taste the madanakhya-bhava of Srimati Radhika, and for this reason, he became Sri Gauranga by taking Her bhava and complexion and came to this world.
  • Sri Ramananda Raya detected Mahaprabhu’s deception in concealing Himself and defeated Him, thus forcing Him to reveal His form.
  • After hearing Sri Ramananda Raya’s statements, Mahaprabhu laughed and revealed His rasaraja mahabhava svarupa.
  • Rasaraja mahabhava svarupa was the combined form of the personification and king of the amorous mellow (sringara-rasaraja), Sri Krsna, together with the personification of mahabhava, Srimati Radhika.
  • Upon seeing this unprecedented form, Sri Ramananda Raya lost consciousness due to excessive transcendental bliss and fell to the ground. With the touch of His lotus hand, Sriman Mahaprabhu revived him.
  • Srila Gurudeva explained that we are so unfortunate that none of these symptoms arise in our hearts from seeing the Lord's Deities. We are only seeing Deities as being made of stone, wood, metal, etc. and are so engrossed in material things.
  • Hardika (through his heart), vachika (by his sweet words), and aloka-dana (by seeing) are the means through which the Lord's mercy is obtained.
  • If a devotee becomes unconscious after seeing God, then the Lord makes the supremely auspicious qualities of His svarupa—His beauty (saundarya), His fragrance (saurabhya), His sweet voice (sausvarya), His tender touch (saukumarya), the savour of His lips (saurasya), His magnanimity (audarya), and His compassion (karunya)—perceivable to the eyes and other senses of the devotee.
  • Mahaprabu explained Raya Ramananda about his rasaraja mahabhava svarupa: ‘actually, my complexion is not golden, but by the touch of the body of Srimati Radhika, it has become golden. I am able to taste my own sweetness by making my mind and soul one with the mood of Srimati Radhika.
  • If one has a mood and eyes like Sri Raya Ramananda, then only one can understand the rasaraja mahabhava svarupa of Mahaprabhu.
  • All these are very high topics; we should not preach them in the beginning. First of all, we should start with simple teachings and propagate harinama kirtana. Gradually, their hearts will be purified, and they will not commit offences against these high sentiments. Therefore, these sentiments should be hidden, and legitimate devotion should be propagated in a simple manner.
  • Note: The lecture ends abruptly.