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Raya Ramananda Samvada (12): Madhurya Rasa, Supremacy of the Love of the Vraja-gopis, CC Madhya 8.89-98

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This audio is included in the following series of lectures:


  • Sri Raya Ramananda Samvada from Sri Chaitanya Caritamrta, Madhya 8.89-98
  • About Gopis’ Prema, it is the top-most
  • Examples given for previous bhavas (Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya etc.) are of Siddhas
  • About gradations of bhavas in Bhakti
  • Devotee asking question about siddhi, Tattva jnana & Svarupa. Srila Gurudeva explaining about bhava, ruci, greed & Tattva jnana
  • Discussing about Sthayi bhava
  • Krsna telling Gopis that your Bhakti towards me is very great
  • About Namabhasa, Namabhasa cannot give Vaikuntha, giving example of Ajamila
  • Only by suddha Nama, Prema will arise & then, can get Vaikuntha
  • About Bhakti & about following it
  • Gopis’ Prema is the top-most
  • For Prema, There is a requirement of Mamatapurva Sneha
  • About bhajana & How Krsna responds to bhajana. Krsna reciprocates according to bhajana
  • Those Who worship Demigods will go to their planet. Similarly, Those worshipping ancestors will go to them. They are not eternal
  • But, Those Who One-pointedly worship Krsna by fully surrender will go to the abode of Krsna Which is eternal. One Who achieves it, will never come back.
  • By hearing Hari-Katha from Vaishnavas & doing Suddha-Nama will achieve the perfect destination
  • Krsna repays to all his Devotees/ associates except Gopis. Krsna is eternally indebted to Gopis & can never repay to them.
  • Gopis’ Prema for Krsna is very very Pure without any selfish motives or desires, Gopis left everything for Krsna
  • Krsna asking Gopis What They want from him & Gopis asking only for his Seva
  • Gopis are one-pointed towards Krsna. But, Krsna is not one-pointed & can never be one-point
  • There are various debts upon us While We are living here such as debts of Demigods, family, Rsi, King, animals etc. Those Who surrenders to Krsna can become free from all kinds of debts
  • About repaying all our debts
  • Sri Gurudeva telling one past-time of one person Who borrowed money & He was working for another Devotee. That person wanted to join Matha & do bhajana But, was under the burden of debt.
  • By doing bhajana We can become free from all kinds of debts.
  • Krsna is not indebted to anyone except Gopis. Krsna is highly & eternally indebted to Gopis.
  • About Krsna’s Rasa Lila with Gopis & Radha.
  • Srila Gurudeva explaining about Rasa Dance & discussing about Rasa Dance
  • Krsna is very beautiful, full of Madhuris, Krsna’s beauty is very attractive & it attracts all.
  • Krsna is full & complete with Gopis
  • Krsna’s beauty enhances with the company of Gopis.
  • About Krsna is playing Rasa with all Gopis, Krsna is moving so fast
  • Glorifying Gopis’ Prema for Krsna