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Raya Ramananda Samvada (13): Radharani's Love is Topmost, CC Madhya 8.98-106

Mathura (?)
Srila Gurudeva 60%

This audio is included in the following series of lectures:


  • Sri Raya Ramananda Sanvada from Sri Caitanya Caritamrta.
  • Krsna is a Rasa Vigraha. Krsna is very beautiful But, It manifests to the top-most level when He is accompanied by Gopis.
  • About Krsna’s four special qualities- Rupa-madhuri, Guna-madhuri, Lila-madhuri & Venu-madhuri. All these manifest to the fullest when Krsna is with Gopis.
  • Radha’s Prema for Krsna is the Supreme, top-most.
  • Radha-Kunda & Srimati Radhika both are non-different.
  • When Krsna played flute, all Gopis ran towards him leaving all their activities. Then, the rasa dance happened.
  • Krsna & Gopis are dancing, and Krsna is dancing with millions of Gopis.
  • How each Gopi thinks that Krsna is with her only.
  • Gopis believes that Krsna is exclusive with me and dancing with me. Gopis feel ecstatic about their good fortune.
  • Radha noticed that Krsna is with all Gopis & dancing. She thinks that Krsna is a liar & cheater.
  • There is so much difference between Aisvarya Lila & Madhurya Lila. (Dwaraka & Vraja).
  • Krsna is dancing with so many Gopis at the same time. This is a very big thing like Aisvarya. But, Aisvarya is covered by Madhurya.
  • Krsna is one, same time He is with all Gopis & everywhere. Yogamaya is playing her part & assisting with Krsna’s pastime.
  • About Rasa Dance.
  • About Krsna’s other pastimes and reason to perform such pastimes.
  • Krsna performs pastimes to please Radha.
  • Krsna is the master of all Demigods.
  • about Krishna dis-appeared from Raas Dance
  • About Radha did mana in Rasa.
  • Meaning of Govinda.
  • Gopis realized that Krsna had disappeared from Rasa then, They also noticed that Radha is also not there. Vipaksha Gopis only looking for Krsna.
  • Gopis are full of Prema & They ask all (trees, plants & deer, etc.) about where is Krsna.
  • Svapaksa Gopis asks deer, Did you see Krsna with Radha.
  • Gopis saw the footprints of Krsna & They also saw the footprints of Radha.
  • Svapaksa Gopis telling to Vipaksha Gopis in a taunting way 'anaya radhito' Krsna went with Radhika.
  • Glorifying Radha’s Prema, Radha controls Krsna by her Prema.
  • Radha’s Prema for Krsna is the top-most.
  • Sriman Mahaprabhu praised Sri Rai Ramananda for such descriptions.
  • Sriman Mahaprabhu asked the question Why did Krsna take only Radha with him from Rasa?
  • Explaining one pastime When Narada gave Parijataka flowers to Krsna at once & asked him to offer them to his most beloved queen.
  • Sri Rai Ramananda explained the glories of Prema. Krsna is not our goal. Krsna-Prema is our real goal- Prayojana.
  • Glorifying Radha’s Prema, Radha’s Prema is limitless.
  • About Krsna was very sad & in the sorrow of feeling separated from Radha, sat under the one tamarind tree at Imli-Tala near the bank of Jamuna.
  • About the essence of Rasa.
  • Sri Gurudeva explaining about Vasanti Rasa Which happened at Govardhan near Chandra Sarovara.
  • All the Gopis were dancing, while Radha performed mana. She got up and departed. Krsna became aware of it and halted the Rasa. Krsna became extremely depressed and began looking for Radha. Krsna was regretful Why he didn't dance with Radha only but with other gopis?