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Raya Ramananda Samvada (11): Raganuga Bhakti and Madhurya Rasa, CC Madhya 8.81-89

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This audio is included in the following series of lectures:


  • The speciality of Sri Caitanya Caritamrta is that it starts from vaidhi-bhakti and ends at rupanuga-bhakti.
  • Discussion about Krsna's meetings with Kubja.
  • The love of Rukmini for Krsna is divided but the love of the gopis is only for Krsna.
  • When gopis do any work; their heart remains with Krsna.
  • Krsna disappeared from rasa to show the superiority of Radharani.
  • Krsna is the source of everything.
  • There are 96 types of heroes and 360 types of heroines.
  • Krsna and the gopis have every quality.
  • When we reach the higher stage of bhajana, we understand that nothing will happen only by reading, it will happen only by the mercy of svarupa sakti.
  • Why Krsna became Sriman Mahaprabhu.
  • If there is no love then there is no mercy.
  • The heart melts by prema.
  • If the speaker thinks that he is not a sadhaka then he is not a speaker.
  • Every person understands according to his level.
  • Vaidhi-bhakti is only for assistance and helps to get into the raganuga-bhakti.
  • Discussion about sakhis.
  • Discussion about rati & two types of rati.
  • Unlike all others, gopis' prema for Krsna is exclusive & one-pointed.
  • Discussion about alambana & vilambana, asraya & visaya.
  • Discussion about ruci.
  • About five rasas; everyone enjoys that particular mellow according to individual taste & properties.
  • Discussion about lust (kama) & transcendental kama.
  • Explanation of nayaka (hero); only Krsna has dual qualities.
  • In Ujjavala Nilamani, everything is described very well. But, to understand it, There should be strong sadhana-bhajana.
  • Gopis' love for Krsna is top-most & Krsna showed his most magnificent and wonderful form to gopis only.
  • Humility & prema are inter-related; one can not attain Bhagavan without these.
  • Madhura-rasa contains every other rasa.
  • Sneha is of two types: madhu and ghrta.
  • Discussion about the importance of tatastha(neutrality).
  • Discussion about the greed in the heart.
  • Explanation of madhurya-bhava.
  • There is a gradation to attain Krsna & it is according to an individual’s bhava.
  • Why the gopis went to Kuruksetra to see Krsna but not to Mathura or Dvaraka.
  • Discussion about the devotion of the gopis.