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Raya Ramananda Samvada (5): Comparative Discussion from Varnasrama to Prema, CC Madhya 8.69

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This audio is included in the following series of lectures:


  • Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu enquires from Ramananda Raya about what is our goal and the process to obtain it
  • The importance of Varnasrama Dharma
  • The essence of the teachings from Srimad Bhagavad Gita
  • Only by Sadhu sanga one can enter in to Bhakti
  • What is Karma and how it functions
  • Main advice from the Gita is to surrender to the Lord and do bhajana.
  • How Ambarisa Maharaja engaged all his senses in the service of Bhagavan.
  • Mahaprabhu asked to go further to determine our goal and Ramananda Raya replied that Jnana-sunya Bhakti is our Sadhya (goal).
  • Listening to Hari-katha is essential to progress in bhakti.
  • The final goal is Prema and the process to achieve it.
  • The mood to have when performing seva, chanting harinama, listening to Hari-katha, taking Prasadam, serving to Sadhus and vaisnavas.
  • Prema is the main thing required to serve Bhagavana